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Cette combinaison unique de produits contient un remède interne et externe pour mettre fin à ce mot redouté commençant par la lettre C.

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Is cellulite the bane of your life? This unique combination kit contains an inner and outer remedy to bust the dreaded C word. The Total Body Cellulite Complex contains a combination of minerals and herbs that promote the breakdown of cellulite and increase circulation.

The really good cellulite oil will help reduce the appearance of cellulite by actively penetrating the skin and boosting circulation. It has been formulated with a potent blend of highly effective, stimulating and circulation-enhancing ingredients including Gotu Kola, one of the most renowned Ayurvedic herbs and known for its superb circulatory benefits. And top this off with a good bristle and cellulite body brush, an absolute essential for everyday brushing to tone and firm the skin. Here's to smoother looking skin in weeks!


Cellufirm: Take 3 capsules daily with food.
Massage: Really Good Cellulite Oil into the affected area in circular movement morning and night for 2 weeks. For on-going maintenance apply once a day. Always massage towards the heart.
Body Brush: Dry brush daily before your shower. Brush in circular strokes and always towards the heart.

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