Huile de graines de Yangu, Vierge 100 ml

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L'huile de yangu est une huile riche en antioxidants qui possède des propriétés hydratantes et revitalisantes.

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The wonderful Yangu oil has been known to the Masaai community of Kenya for hundreds of years. Pure Yangu oil is said to offer natural UV protection and one of the reasons that has made it popular. Yangu boasts a rich content of antioxidants and essential fatty acid and replenishes the skin’s lipid barrier to lock in moisture. Treat your skin to this oil, especially in the summer months or use it as a hot oil treatment. You can even mix in a few drops with your daily moisturiser for added hydration during the day. Yangu oil makes a wonderful hair treatment too, massage into your hair and let the oil seep deep into the scalp and hair as nourishes and strengthens the hair shaft.


Store in a cool dark place, oil should be used within 6 months once it has been opened. Click here to know all the benefits and how to use them.


Huile de graine de yangu (Calodendrum capense), Pressée à froid, non raffinée, provient d' Afrique centrale et d'Afrique de l'est.


1 à 3 cuillère à thé par jour accompagné de nourriture ou comme préscrit par un professionnel de la santé. Massez l'extérieur de la zone affectée tous les jours. A conserver dans un endroit sec à température ambiante et hors de portée des enfants.

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